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The content of isotopes in natural water is one of the factors which strongly vary depending on the region and can radically change the course of the main physiological processes. In 2015 was published a research “Deuterium content of water increases depression susceptibility: The potential role of a serotonin-related mechanism” prepared by the international group of scientists including the Russian ones. This publication clearly showed an evident correlation between the level of deuterium in drinking water and depression: the lighter the water is in a state the less people who live there suffer from depression.

A - Correlation between reported rates of depression in USA and content of deuterium in tap water.
B - The reported prevalence of individuals with depression among adults aged ≥18 years in each US state [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Mental illness surveillance among adults in the United States. MMWR 2011;60 (Suppl):1–30].
C - Geographical distribution of average deuterium content in the continental USA from samples collected from each state for 2004–2013.

For example, in Montana state doctors diagnose medical depression almost twice less than in Alabama, and water in Montana is about 15% lighter by HOD.

Animal tests confirm that the content of deuterium does affect symptoms of depression. Mice that drank light water (deuterium depleted water - DDW, litewater) were more stress-resistant, rarely exhibited depressive behavior and had higher levels of neurogenesis (growth of nerve cells) in the hippocampus. The effect was comparable to the effect of classical antidepressants but unlike antidepressants with a long list of side effects, including suicide, DDW has absolutely NO side effects.

Thus, deuterium depleted water may become an effective means of preventing and treating depression.


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