This is one small decrease of deuterium in water
           - and a giant reduction in the risk of serious diseases

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What is heavy water?

That's water, yet not H2O, but for instance HDO, where D stands for deuterium.

There is an 'extra' neutron (could be actually more than just one) hidden in a heavy water molecule. Human body uses heavy water like the normal H2O, but the former slows down all the biochemical reactions. Basic biochemical reactions can decelerate up to 400 times. Body's energy reactions are sequential, which means if there is a problem at least in one spot, then the whole ATP production chain freezes; i.e., life energy output stops. As a result, each cell's efficiency and energy level plummet leading to general negative body impact, hence raising disease risk probability. The list of potential illnesses practically engulfs all the possible health issues.

At the present time are proved:

  • depression;
  • diabetes of the 2nd type;
  • cancer;
  • infectious diseases (caused by the weakening of immunity).
  • On the basis of the American statistics are practically proved (just experiments on animals are required):

  • coronary heart disease;
  • hypertensia;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • stroke;
  • obesity;
  • and even age-related loss of teeth.
  • Impotence, chronic fatigue syndrome and burnout syndrome also have their evidence base.