This is one small decrease of deuterium in water
           - and a giant reduction in the risk of serious diseases

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Employees' publications on the light water physical and chemical properties, and biological effect studies.

Light water’s cell respiration unlocking effect (i.e. on its energy) has been proven.

Pomytkin I.A., Kolesova O.E. Relationship between Natural Concentration of Heavy Water Isotopologs and Rate of H2O2 Generation by Mitochondria // Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine. 2006. - V.142. N 5. - PP.570-572.

By a number of physical and chemical parameters DDW is significantly different from natural water.

Goncharuk V.V., Lapshin V.B., Burdeinaya T.N., Pleteneva T.V., Chernopyatko A.S. et al. Physicochemical Properties and Biological Activity of the Water Depleted of Heavy Isotopes // J. of Water Chemistry and Technology – 2011.- V. 33. N 1.- PP. 8–13.

During the study of transport properties of light water it was found out that DDW provides rapid removal of dissolved substances from the body. Light water is more effective in removing metabolic products, toxins and harmful substances.

Burdeinaya T.N., Poplinskaya V.А., Chernopyatko A.S., Grigoryan E.N. Dynamic of Dye Removal from Olfactory System of Xenopus Laevis Tadpoles by Light Water // Water: Chemistry and Ecology – 2011. - N 9. - PP. 86-91

Improvement of health and psycho-physiological sphere was revealed during the study of DDW's effect on functional status and physical performance of healthy people.

Burdeynaya T.N., Chernopyatko A.S., Fudin N.A. Physiological Effects of Drinking Water Enriched with 1H216O // Eur. Chem. Bull. 2012. V.1. N 1. P.41-42.

Фудин Н.А., Чернопятко А.С., Классина С.Я., Бурдейная Т.Н. Физиологическое влияние легкой воды на функциональное состояние высокотренированных спортсменов // Итоговый сборник Всероссийской научно-практической конференции «Физическая культура и массовый спорт в основе энергосберегающих технологий, роль науки в повышении эффективности управления подготовкой спортсменов на многолетних этапах» – 2013. - с. 138-149.

DDW reduces the toxic effects of adjuvant substances in drugs.

Burdeinaya T.N., Zrelov O.Y., Maksimova T.V. et al. Combined Toxicity of Na2EDTA and D2O // Bulletin of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. SeriesMedical.- 2013.- N 2. – PP. 5–9.

Isotope effects of water deuterium have been studied in a wide range of concentrations in different levels of biological organization.

Kirkina A.A, Lobyshev V.I., Lopina O.D., Doronin Yu.K., Burdeinaya T.N., Chernopyatko A.S. Isotopic Effects of Low Concentration of Deuterium in Wateron Biological Systems // Biofizika.- 2014.- V. 59.- N 2.- PP. 399–407.

There is a significant correlation between content of deuterium in drinking (tap) water and disease risk in corresponding region. Level of depression among the population of the United States correlates with geographical distribution of deuterium in natural water. Thus, deuterium-depleted drinking water could present a novel prophylactic strategy for depression.

Strekalova T., Evans M., Chernopiatko A. et al. Deuterium content of water increases depression susceptibility: The potential role of a serotonin-related mechanism. // Behav. Brain Res. 2015. V.277. P.237-244.

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