This is one small decrease of deuterium in water
           - and a giant reduction in the risk of serious diseases

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Despite the development and introduction of new anti-tumor drugs, oncopathology remains “the plague of the XXI century”. Treatment of cancer patients is accompanied with serious side effects, so oncologists conduct active research of additional means which could stimulate tumor regression and prolong life expectancy. And such means exists!

Antitumor properties of light water (deuterium depleted water - DDW, litewater) were first discovered in 1993 by the Hungarian microbiologist Gabor Somlyai. During extensive scientific researches and experiments it was proved that the use of light water (deuterium depleted water - DDW, litewater) results in tumor regression and sometimes causes its necrosis [1-3]. Consumption of DDW (also in the form of injections into the tumor tissue) led to partial or complete regression of tumor in lab animals in 60-80% of cases. The condition of test animals improved day by day. No side effects were observed, because healthy cells (unlike tumoral) easily adapt to water deuterium depletion. After such impressive results, a veterinary antitumor drug Vetera-DDW-25 ®A.U.V. was registered, and scientists have started clinical trials, in which more than 1500 patients with various oncological diseases participated. Researches were carried out from 1992 to 2004. Efficiency of light water (deuterium depleted water - DDW, litewater) on such types of tumors like breast, lung (including the cases with brain metastases), prostate cancer has already been proven. During the experiments it was found that:

  • damaged tissue in patients with lung cancer significantly reduced after the treatment [4, 5];
  • the median survival was 25,9 months for men, 74,1 months for women, and for patients with metastases in brain – 27,1 months (thus without consumption of DDW median survival for these patients was 4-6 months. FIVEFOLD difference!) [6];
  • the combined treatment resulted in complete or partial remission of metastases in brain or in stoppage of the continuous development of the disease, which could not be achieved using only traditional forms of treatment [4];
  • according to the results of experiments, the average life expectancy of patients with breast cancer is 12,3 years from statement of diagnosis and 7,4 years from the start of DDW consumption, although 56% of the test patients were at the IV stage of disease. When using only traditional methods of treatment median survival is from 12 to 31 months [7, 8];
  • median survival of patients with prostate cancer is 15-21 months [9]. Inclusion of light water (deuterium depleted water - DDW, litewater) in the treatment led to increase in median survival to 132 months (almost eightfold difference!)

  • Besides that DDW helps to fight against the disease, it was found out that it can reduce toxic side effects of cytostatic drugs (group of antitumoral drugs) used in chemotherapy [10]. Consumption of DDW increased the survival rate of test animals at least by 1,5 times (depending on the toxicity of the drug). Animals who did not consume DDW died much faster.

    Thus, the results of studies show that inclusion of light water (deuterium depleted water - DDW, litewater) in antitumor therapy slows tumor growth, inhibits metastases, minimizes recurrence of the disease and increases life expectancy of oncological patients. Besides, deuterium depleted water reduces the side effects of cytostatics, thereby increasing the quality of life of patients.

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